Cancer type: 33    Cancer samples: 10,224    Number of mutated MGI: 13,969    Number of driver MGI: 1,028

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MiRNA-gene interactions have been demonstrated to be able to play critical roles in various developmental and physiological processes including cancers, and the diversity of miRNA targets make them appear to form a complex regulatory network. In cancer research, genetic mutations have been demonstrated to play a key role in cancer development. In the process of cancer development, many mutations could occur on the related miRNAs and their target genes' binding sites, thus dysregulating the normal miRNA-gene interactions and contributing to cancer growth.

In this resource, we explored the influences of cancer variant miRNA-gene interactions (MGI-map) in 33 cancer types by integrating AGO CLIP-Seq data, cancer specific expression of miRNA and genes, cancer mutation and patient clinical information. We provided all mutated miRNA-gene interaction in each cancer type. Further more, we identified driver mutations which could alter the expression of target genes away from the distribution of normal samples. These driver mutations also showed a significant influence on the strength of miRNA binding which indicate their functions.